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As an organization AFMEC is working for whole footwear industry in Agra. In today's scenario, we can say our world is a global village, so we have to follow the international protocols for the standards and so in this direction, we follow certain rules to upgrade our footwear community.

We work upon Environment awareness, New technologies upgrade, information sharing, national & international fair support and support for them who are very new to this industry.

Our all members are very well established equipped to take any challenges from the International market. As per schedule we mutually discuss about new advancement and latest trends in our meetings. And this teamwork gives our industry a new vision to capture new heights.    

Our members' thoughts are one step ahead, so we follow the same that if we have to move forward, our planning should be very precise. The way, we are making for our followers that will definitely help him to go on the right path.

Our future expectations are not very high and we do not demand much from the global community but according to our precise planning, we are very much sure that we will capture from the market that we have planned and we hope that global market will give us full co-operation for the same.